Cereal Growers Association (CGA) is a member based farmer organization registered in 1996 in response to the liberalization of the grain market in Kenya. Its establishment was due to challenges encountered after liberalization of the grain sub-sector. These broadly include in appropriate policies, limited access to proper production technologies and inefficient market systems.

Vision and Mission

VISION:To be the most credible and effective farmers empowerment organization in Africa

MISSION:To bring all cereal farmers together for collective action to ensure sustained improvement to their farming enterprises

GMO-Free Cereal Has a Vitamin Deficiency, Which Isn't So Bad

By Rich Duprey

Do proponents of genetically modified foods have it right after all? Are GMO foods better for us and the world?

On the surface, the news that the newly reformulated GMO-free original Cheerios from General Mills have less vitamins than the old variety would certainly suggest that. And Post Holdings new non-GMO Grape-Nuts have also eliminated a bunch of essential vitamins, seemingly going further to underscore that it's true. But looks can be deceiving, or at least not tell the whole story.